Have You Noticed a Crack in Your Foundations?

Have You Noticed a Crack in Your Foundations?  

Tips for Basement Foundation Repair

Damage to basement foundations is common as homes start to age and become settled. The process of foundation repair must start with the assessment of what caused it and how bad the damage is. When possible, fix the source before you have the damage itself repaired. Once the source is fixed, you can repair the damage by yourself if it is minor, or hire a professional foundation repair contractor for more serious repairs. One common cause is ageing, most older basement walls used to be built using bricks or stones that were held together using mortar.

This mortar will eventually break down, and older walls will start to sag and spring leaks. If an old basement wall is structurally sound, basement foundation repair can be quite easy, simply chip out the old mortar and replace it using a trowel. However, if an old brick or stone wall is sagging, it could have to be replaced or tied into new concrete foundations. Situations when load bearing walls on a basement are sagging or crumble are extremely serious, and this kind of repair must be referred to a professional.

Water is usually the common culprit for foundation damage. If water is building up in a basement, inspect the wall for any cracks. If you see cracks, then they have to be repaired, more so in colder regions, due to the fact that the freezing and thawing will damage foundations more. Minor cracks can be repaired with the aid of a kit, these include sealer’s, and on larger cracks, hydraulic cement, this expands to place pressure on both sides of a crack, so no water is able to seep in.

Larger cracks will need the help of a professional, one that specializes in basement foundation repairs. Also, they could spot any structural damage on load bearing walls. Cracks found in the floor are usually not so critical, because most floors are not part of the foundation, minor cracks within a floor are able to be patched, and mudjacking will normally be used to level a basement floor.

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