Mud Jacking and Foundation Repair That Levels to Perfection

What exactly is mud jacking and what can it do for you? Well, let’s say for instance there’s some uneven or unsightly concrete around you, be it along a path, a pavement, or anything. When exposed to things like rain and debris, it could degrade over time and that’s why it’ll need leveling.

Your best choice is to go for your nearest mud jacking service in Hickman, NE, where you may have trouble finding what’s perfect for you.

And that’s where we at Masonry Specialties come in, as we’re willing to help you level your concrete with our slabbing process making sure every bit of your path, pavement, or even driveway will look as refined as possible.

We set ourselves aside from other jacking services. Consider the following aspects about us.

  • We have over 25 years experience

With years of experience, you’re sure to have honed your skills. That’s the case for us. Considering we’ve had more than two decades on record, then we’ve perfected our craft to give you the best quality service there is.

  • We’re a small group, but we do quality work

As we have years of experience, even as a small group, we’re always in it to finish the job as close to perfection as possible, so you won’t need to worry about uneven concrete anymore. You can always trust us with our slabbing solutions.

  • We have the right resources and expertise

We understand that we’ll need the right tools, the latest tools, to handle the job, especially when it’s industrial in nature. We won’t even hesitate to equip ourselves with the best gear there is, especially when it comes to jacking.

  • We’re fully licensed and insured

We know fully that you’ll need to trust us before even availing the offer we provide, and that’s why we’re licensed to practice our craft. Aside from that, we’re also well-insured, as we understand the importance of safety and security.

If you’re in Hickman, NE and you need mud jacking, give us a call here at Masonry Specialties. Contact us right now at (402) 988-1433.

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