This Poly Jacking Experts That Can Level Your Concrete Floors Easily

The floors inside and outside your office are made of concrete. Majority of these surfaces have concrete slabs and foundations underneath to sustain pressure weight. However, with constant foot traffic and exposure to the elements, your flooring’s foundation is bound to cave. There are also reasons why concrete slabs are weak. Some of them are low-quality materials, improper installation, or the span of your floor is too long. Whatever the reasons are, hire a service provider who is an expert in restoring concrete floor. Masonry Specialties is the professional poly jacking experts in Hickman, NE that can assist you.

We Do it Properly

Mud jacking is the process of making holes on your concrete surface and injecting a device so concrete can fill the void. The process itself should be done by professionals because it needs a specialized equipment in order to be successful in the process. Whereas if you hire a different contractor, you might end up doing an entire renovation, removing the concrete surface and repairing it from the ground up. This may take time and can cause inconvenience in certain areas of your commercial space as well as halt some operations. If you can’t handle such consequence, you can spend a little amount of money today for hiring a mud jacking service provider than lose a lot of profit from a long-term concrete repair.

We’ll level your surfaces effectively

Whether you have a sinking or sagging sidewalk, floor, stairways, or driveways, the best thing you can do is to act immediately to avoid any accidents and injuries. Masonry Specialties is the professional poly jacking service provider in Hickman, NE that will be able to help you. We have the right jacking guns and pumps that are suitable for your concrete floors. We only use a high-quality concrete mixture, too, to ensure that your flooring can support heavy weights. Our pros are all licensed and registered, conforming to building codes and rules and making sure that your property is safe and sound while we do our job.

Sinking foundation is a problem that needs to addressed by professionals immediately. Contact our poly jacking experts at Masonry Specialties in Hickman, NE to level your flooring surface in no time. Dial (402) 988-1433 today for details.

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