Remodel Your Exteriors With the Help of a Mud Jacking Specialist

Do you want to raise the concrete on your porch, deck, or patio in Hickman, NE? In case you are renovating your exterior concrete structures and you want to go that extra mile on your way to ideal curb appeal, we have the solution for you! Mud jacking is a technique used to lift and level concrete in order to restore their like-new look before water erosion or poor soil stability got them to sink down. Stay on this page to learn more about what Masonry Specialties can do for you!

Why Hire a Mud Jacking Expert?

Primarily used for cracked foundation, this method of evening out concrete slabs helps you keep the structure instead of replacing it. You don’t need to be ripping any slabs out, you can just hire a professional mason to apply a layer of mud or slurry to lift it up, using a set of special equipment. There is minimal to no risk of damaging your yard. Sunken concrete can occur anywhere in and around your home and upon your next remodeling project, it’s something you should address.

Don’t Replace, Remodel!

Maybe your concrete walkway has a couple of sunken slabs that have been making you stumble every time you make your way to home. You’ve probably looked at the prices of installing a new fixture falling into the common misconception that new always equals better. But if you’re running on a budget, mud jacking might be a better alternative.

Why Trust Us?

Masonry Specialties is a licensed, insured, and bonded contractor that has been in the industry since 1992. Our professionals operate a top-drawer equipment following a well-established set of time-effective and cost-efficient techniques. Suitable for both residential and commercial properties in Hickman, NE, our services are the affordable and reliable choice for everyone in the area.

Book an appointment at (402) 988-1433, get a free estimate, and discuss your home or business remodeling plans with our skilled masons!

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